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Frequently Asked Questions

Our servers are colocated in the GTS data center in Cluj Napoca. The GTS Cluj data center features redundant N+1 technologies, with a maximum installed power of 500kW (with an estimated annual PUE of 1.4) and a current colocation capacity of 60 racks, with immediate expansion potential.

The facility, completed in December 2018, has a total footprint of approximately 300 square meters.

Hosting packages ordered through our website become active in approximately 5 minutes from the payment confirmation in the system. Each activation is done automatically after verifying the accuracy of the data entered in the order form.

In case the payment is made via bank transfer, we recommend sending the proof of payment to [email protected] for a speedy activation.

Payments made with a credit card are automatically verified by our API in just a few seconds.

All web hosting packages benefit from daily backups through JetBackup and Synconix solutions. Data backups are automatically performed every 24/48 hours in two different locations and are retained for 10 days on rotation + 3 backup copies from the last 3 months.

Clients can perform file or database restores directly from cPanel using either of the two solutions or they can open a support ticket to request a restore.

Additionally, we provide the Full Backup feature directly in cPanel, and we recommend clients manually create periodic backups and save them to an external storage medium.

The price of a dedicated IP is 2 euros + VAT per month and can be allocated upon request to all hosting accounts that do not already have such an IP. IP allocation is done at night because it requires a longer propagation time.

A dedicated IP helps with better indexing in search engines and ensures that emails are delivered to the INBOX. Upon allocation of the dedicated IP, our team will also perform a Reverse DNS / PTR Record registration.

All web hosting packages come with access to the cPanel control panel. Additionally, we use the security solution Imunify360 and CloudLinux, and we have been using the LiteSpeed Webserver for over 8 years on the webserver side.

We have been certified cPanel partners for over 3 years and provide support for all services associated with this cPanel control panel.

You can create a backup archive directly from the cPanel account -> Backup. Unlike other providers, the backup function is active and can be used whenever needed. We recommend creating a full backup archive and subsequently downloading it to your PC or Google Drive.

The backup process can take between 10 minutes and 60 minutes, depending on the size of the account.

Domain names ordered through our website become active within minutes after payment confirmation in the system. It's crucial to fill in all the fields during registration (CNP or company tax details for .ro domains).

If all the fields aren't completed at the time of ordering, activation won't be done automatically, and we'll need to perform a prior verification.

To initiate the transfer from another registrar to NAMEBOX, you need to provide us with the Authorization Code for transferring to another registrar.

How to obtain the transfer code?

Visit the website -> .RO Domains -> Online Administration (and reset the password for your RoTLD customer account). Once logged in, navigate to the Authorization Key menu -> Transfer to another registrar. The authorization code will be sent to your email, and you should then communicate it to the NAMEBOX team.

If you would like us to handle these operations, please let us know by simply replying to this email. You only need to forward the emails received from RoTLD to our email address [email protected], and we will take care of the entire transfer process and apply the price reduction for future renewals and registrations.

The name servers of a domain registered through NAMEBOX can be modified from the customer account ( in the Domains -> My Domains section. Click on the three dots next to the domain -> Manage Nameservers. The update may take 4-24 hours to propagate.

The renewal fee for a .ro domain is 12.99 Euro + VAT, calculated at the BNR exchange rate. If the renewal invoice received via email is of a higher value, you can contact us at [email protected] for verification/price update.

VPS servers are installed and configured by the technical team within a timeframe of 2-4 hours from the moment the payment is confirmed in the system. The installation and configuration time is longer compared to shared hosting packages, which are activated almost instantly because special server and software settings and compilations are made.

You can activate the daily backup solution offered by Synconix or JetBackup upon request. Data is saved to an external storage server and retained for 10 days through rotation. File and database restoration can be done directly from cPanel or by submitting a written request via a support ticket. The price for Synconix backup is 10 Euro + VAT for up to 100 GB, 15 Euro for up to 250 GB, 20 Euro for up to 500 GB, 30 Euro for up to 1000 GB, and JetBackup is available at the price of 15 Euro.

The monthly price of a cPanel license starts at 20.00 euros + VAT and allows hosting a maximum of 5 cPanel accounts. Upon request, we can activate a cPanel license with an unlimited number of cPanel accounts. The installation and configuration of the cPanel control panel are performed by our technical team free of charge.

We have been certified cPanel partners for over 3 years and provide support for all services associated with this control panel, including the installation of Imunify360, CloudLinux, or ImunifyAV.